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4949 Professional Park Dr.

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Kannapolis, NC





My name is Robin.  I heard about Dr. Litaker’s chiropractic office through a colleague of mine who has been coming to him for seven years.  I was having terrible headaches and Dr. Litaker has done wonders for me.  He does therapy on my back and also does acupuncture if the headache is unbearable.
I also started taking my seven-year-old son to Dr. Litaker.  He has been waking up for three or four years from a sound sleep just crying and there’s never been anything I could ever do for him to help with his pain.  I would just hold him and rub his feet and legs after I gave him a Motrin.  Doctors have done ultrasounds and tests and can’t find anything wrong.  He has heart problems and I thought it was bad circulation.  Dr. Litaker has helped him tremendously!  He stretches and bends his legs up to his torso to loosen his muscles.  He also pops his neck and stretches his back.  My son said it hurt at first, but now he just smiles at Dr. Litaker and doesn’t mind going.  He was waking up several nights a week and he now only wakes up two to three times a month.

Dr. Litaker is a compassionate and outstanding doctor in the community!

-    Robin


My name is Alexandra and I am an Emergency Room nurse.  Working 12-hour shifts, standing all day, pushing stretchers, and moving patients takes a toll on my lower back.  After working two to three shifts in a row my back becomes very stiff and painful.  I started going to Dr. Litaker last year to receive monthly adjustments in an effort to alleviate my back pain.  After my adjustments I feel loosened up, recharged, and my pain is nearly gone.  I would highly recommend Chiropractic care for anyone who works in a physically demanding job.  For me, it has made all the difference!

-    Alexandra

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